Uplevl for Contract Management

Uplevl provides a contract management solution. With a cloud platform, comprehensive features, and unlimited storage, Uplevl is the premier solution for contract management for businesses.

The Challenges of Contract Management

Maintaining and locating up-to-date contract files across your company.
Version Control
Managing version control during contract negotiations is a manual and error-prone process.
Risk Management
Enforcing proper approvals and controls is almost impossible, leaving your business at risk.

The Uplevl Solution

With Uplevl you can store all contracts in one place and access them from almost anywhere with our cloud-based platform. Find exactly what you’re looking for with our powerful and easy-to-use search capability and track versions and revisions automatically. Plus, enjoy flexible workflow capabilities, which will automatically route documents for review and approval based on pre-set rules.

Organize Your Contracts

Uplevl’s simple-to-use folder structure makes it easy to organize your contracts in a way that makes the most sense for your business so you can spend less time looking for a contract and more time actually working on it. Along with tagging, meta-data, and automated workflow routing, your contracts are easy to find and process.

Manage, control and monitor the review process.
Easily find what you need when you need it.
Continually improve processes.
Increase ROI with more streamlined approval workflows.

Easily Integrate with Your Business Applications

Uplevl integrates with Acumatica, Intacct and NetSuite and has an available API, which allows you to create an integration with almost any other system. No more toggling between different softwares or trying to remember where something is stored – with automated integration you can maintain a single source document in Uplevl while easily accessing it from other applications.

Enhance your financial, ERP, HR and other business processes.
Easily move data between the Uplevl platform and your business applications.
Save time by eliminating dual entry.
Improve productivity.

Benefits of Contract Management

A contract management system eliminates the manual, time-consuming tasks associated with contracts and frees you and your team up to work on real value-add activities. It also ensures tighter controls, better auditing, added security, and eliminates costs associated with paper-based processes.

Version Control
Workflow Routing
Real Time Business Intelligence
Integration With Other Business Applications

Affordable & Quick ROI

Low-priced monthly, quarterly and annual pricing plans. Fast implementation and effective automation of manual data entry and other manual ad hoc processes.

Implementation in just two weeks.
Simple, clear subscription cost with no hidden fees.
Easy to implement and use.
Flexible payment plans.

Real-Time Business Intelligence

Measure and track your business processes in real time. Identify trends and opportunities for improvement through visualization tools.

Identify what’s most outstanding and needs attention.
Analyze your processes in real time.
Make informed business decisions based on the most up-to-date information.
No special training needed to use visualization tools.

Contract approval time drops an average of 82% with the use of a Contract Management Solution.


A Contract Management Solution can reduce erroneous payments by up to 90%.


90% renewal rates were seen by companies using Contract Management Solution.

Secure, Cloud-Based Application

With Uplevl , your documents and workflows are in the cloud on our secure, Amazon-hosted web service. Easily access your documents at any time through your PC, Mac, or mobile device.

HIPAA Compliant software.
Storage and data encryption.
Multi-factor authentication.
Fine-grained access and privilege control for folders, workflows and documents.